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Interactive Security

Modern Security Systems' security and interactive technology provides best in class protection and the ability to monitor your property 24/7. As the industry leader, Modern utilizes advanced interactive security solutions to provide the most reliable home monitoring service.

Key Benefits:

  • Advanced home monitoring technology

  • Tamper Resistant technology

  • No phone line or Internet connection required

  • Monitor your property even when the system is disarmed

  • Stay aware with email and text notifications

  • Control your home via the web or mobile app offers the only security system with patented technology to protect against criminals disabling vulnerable security systems by destroying the panel before it can send an alarm signal. Eliminate any doubt and make sure you are protected when you need it most.

Two-Way Voice

During an emergency, support from, and communication with, the right person is key. That's why Modern Security Systems' integrated emergency two-way voice technology into the security panel. This technology allows you to speak directly with an emergency operator during an emergency.

Wireless Communications

Modern Security Systems' wireless communication is tightly integrated with your security control panel. This makes sure that all alarms and other important events can be transmitted quickly and reliably for immediate response.

Cut phone and internet lines are a threat of the past. Modern Security Systems' safer cellular alarm systems are not affected by damaged phone or internet lines and provide uninterrupted protection.

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