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24Hr. Monitoring

Modern Security Systems alarm monitoring that’s second to none in quality and reliability

    NEXgeneration Central is our affiliated central monitoring station. We are an awarded Five Diamond, UL Listed central station. We monitor all alarm signals in all 50 states. We can interpret, record, and maintain customer data from burglary, fire, panic/duress, medical, environmental and other alarms signals. Our advanced Windows®-based UL approved automated security monitoring and dispatch software ensures fast and efficient signal processing. So you receive a quality and level of security monitoring that is second to none.


Our alarm monitoring services include:
  • Supervision monitoring—gives you more control of your security system

  • Two-way voice monitoring—for when “being there” really counts

  • Real-time and scheduled surveillance—keeps close tabs on the big picture


Supervision Monitoring

We offer the full range of supervision services including:

  • Autolog passive supervision provides weekly or monthly access reporting.

    • Full supervision alerts your client if the premises fails to close or open on time, or is opened when it should be closed

    • Openings/closings monitoring to verify expected entries and exits and identify illicit access

  • Fire supervision/test signal supervision around the clock in compliance with UL standards

  • False alarm tracking, with direct notification of real-time alerts to you

  • Parental monitoring of home access, similar to full supervision

  • Vacation and business trip away monitoring


Two-Way Voice

NEXgeneration Central provides two-way voice services for medical PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) and other alarm conditions.


Video Surveillance

We provide real-time and scheduled video monitoring and verification for single or multiple security cameras over an IP communication network or phone line.

  • Video verification

  • Video guard tours

  • Streaming video (moving pictures) surveillance

  • Single or multiple security cameras and locations


Vigilant, responsive and reliable

Reliable 24 x 7 monitoring is the backbone of our operation. We understand the responsibility you place on us, and we take it very seriously.


Power - Guaranteed continuous service 24/7/365

NEXgeneration Central houses auto-on dual natural gas back-up generators and immediate online APC UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) back-up ensure continuous power, even in the event of an extended power outage. We also have access to a third building generator if needed.

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